This Time

by SugaTree

The vibe on stage from their very first gig  had always been one of fun and enjoyment. There has always been a lot of freedom and trust within the group to try new things and sometimes this happened live on stage. During some of the longer shows, Ryan would create songs on the spot and as the band joined in, the new pieces would be slipped into the setlist seamlessly. Audiences were never aware and just thought it was a new song. Unfortunately some of these "one off" songs could never be repeated and were like gossimer in the wind, lasting only for the moment.  SugaTree have been writing and recording continuously and this album is the culmination of that hard work and self determination. The album’s title iteslf is serendipitous. It is the title track and describes the often difficult nature of song writing, especially lyrics but also the need for us to not stray from our ideals and goals in life.   “To thine own self be true”- Shakespeare.  

The album artwork shows a mystical figure reading books, surrounded by ancient - still ticking time pieces whilst waiting for a laid back, comfortable and content trio of musicians to arrive at their future destination and finally finish their long awaited musical project.  

“This time - it’s all or nothing.”