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SugaTree - winner of the 2018 New Celtic Talent of the Year and Celtic Song of the Year at the 2018 Australian Celtic Music Awards.

“This time - it’s all or nothing.”


The stars aligned for Celtic folk pop trio SugaTree when Natalie Parker and Ryan Pentland approached musician and producer Yanni Dellaportas to help record some songs. It was once the demo tracks were being recorded in his studio that it became apparent something else was needed. Yanni, having performed and recorded as a guitarist and mandolin player in previous bands, including with Natalie, played some mandolin on some of the songs. “I just started playing some mandolin over the top of the songs and it all came together,” said Yanni.  The style took a major turn and Yanni was invited to join - forming  SugaTree in late 2012.


Since then SugaTree have been performing regularly around Melbourne and Victoria. The trio recently played to sold out audiences at the 2018 Port Fairy Folk Festival and the 2018 Australian Celtic Festival. The band picked up multiple awards for their debut full length album "This Time" at the 2018 Australian Celtic Music Awards. "The songs on This Time are melodic and pensive, and delivered with so much sincerity that you can't help but be drawn into the music. Beautiful instrumentation and expert arrangements offer just the right backing for the intelligent lyrics and smooth melodies. And the vocal harmonies are out-of-this-world." -



The vibe on stage from their very first gig has always been one of fun and enjoyment. There's a lot of freedom and trust within the group to try new things and sometimes this happens live on stage. During some of the longer shows, songs would be written on the spot and would be slipped into the setlist seamlessly. The audience don't notice and just think it's a new song. Unfortunately some of these "one off" songs can never be repeated and are like gossimer in the wind, lasting only for the moment.

The moody, modal and timeless quality of Celtic music is brought to life by SugaTree.

Blending folk, pop and celtic genres with their own unique musical styles, Natalie, Ryan and Yanni come together as SugaTree to create something new and maybe a little different. With foot stomping guitar and percussion, memorable mandolin, haunting Irish whistle and catchy, heartfelt harmonies - SugaTree will leave you wanting more.



Photo: Daryl Gordon